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Aileen Paszek: Your Career Cheerleader!

Aileen Paszek is a professional career coach and job search expert with over two decades of connecting executives to their desired opportunities. A recruiting leader at Deloitte and executive coach with Fortune 500 giants and start-ups alike, Aileen’s career coaching has sparked success stories for thousands of job seekers.

With a knack for navigating the job search rollercoaster, she’s not just about finding jobs—she’s about crafting careers that drive your energy and complement your lifestyle. Passionate about connecting people to their purpose, Aileen’s on a mission to connect her clients to their next best opportunity.

Aileen specializes in reverse recruiting and provides expert outplacement services and layoff support. Her team also focuses on resume writing, LinkedIn profile development and enhancing personal brands. Aileen is a regular contributor to LinkedIn, Medium, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. She has been interviewed on many career-related podcasts and has partnered with leading universities to author whitepapers, decoding the secrets of HR and labor market trends. Aileen’s expertise in networking and career coaching ensures job seekers are well prepared for every stage of their professional journey.

When Aileen isn’t transforming careers, she’s spending time with her husband, Chris, and their party of 5 kids. A wellness junkie, she is a certified yoga instructor, self-care guru, and former marathon runner. Her grand finale will be opening a yoga studio off the grid in the woods of Northern NY with Chris—a 12-year countdown to the ultimate escape, once the kids are launched on their own career journeys. 🚀✨

Connecting to Happy

Why We Do It

Due to COVID and the Great Resignation, organizations are struggling to attract and retain the right talent.  Additionally, employees are rethinking their work/life options with a strong desire to connect to purpose. Joblink can support both sides of the equation to create win-win solutions for employers and employees.

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